Dear Readers, 

I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to check out my blog and whether you’ve read every piece, a handful or just one I’m glad you’re here. I hope that as you’ve read the variety of writing I do from poems and op-ed to personal essays that something somewhere stuck out to you. I’ve always loved to write but it wasn’t  until I began writing for my College’s blog that I  figured out what exactly I wanted to do with my words; I wanted to make a difference. I want to make people smile, laugh or comfort them in knowing they are not alone in whatever they’ve been through. I also want to be able to level the playing field, let people see things in a different light and maybe encourage them to share their own thoughts too.

Though I started this blog as a #momblog I don’t want it’s sole purpose to be for moms because my role in life is not only being a mom. I’m a mother yes but I’m also a daughter, a student, a working professional, a friend and a sister so I want to encompass all of those things and those experiences into this blog. Being a mom has helped realize who I want to be and how I need to express those things to be successful. I hope you’ll continue to join me on my journey and check out my other work as a blogger at my college. Lastly, you, the reader makes this blog possible and I’d love to connect with you so feel free to tweet, instagram or comment here for me!