When we’re born we come into this world pure, pristine and untainted by the worlds harshness. Each of us a clean and untouched piece of marble. We all age though, and as we age we begin to lose pieces of ourselves, and our marble becomes chipped as life begins to carve away at us. Like all art however, the artists hands are what makes the masterpiece.

In life the artists are the people who we chose to let into our lives and give pieces of ourselves to. But if they don’t share the same vision we do for ourselves they will only damage the marble, leaving scars and cracks along the way rather than adding beauty and light.

It is too easy to allow the wrong artists to touch us, it is too easy to let a spoken word run wild ahead of a broken promise. Still though our marble is still beautiful, still so many untouched corners. Even in the worst lighting the right artist will see beauty, let those people into your life. Let the people who see you in your worst lightening and still add beauty to your masterpiece stay. As heavy as marble may be, we have to pick up and move from those who only cause damage, those who damage us do not deserve us. Damage is not what artists do.


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