A few weeks ago my god father passed away, so my parents and I attended the wake. I hadn’t been to a funeral or wake since my aunt died in 2009 and it got my mind moving and made me reflect about my own life, and if it were to god forbid end tomorrow, would I say I lived a full life? 

When you attend a memorial service you’re met with memories, pictures, moments and more from the persons life, pieces of who they were and what they did and most of all what they meant to people. Smiling pictures from holidays, family vacations and days on the beach and warm stories that brighten the room with the love that person has from the memory. 

If I were to vanish tomorrow I’d hope that my memory, my time in people’s lives would bring them joy and comfort knowing that they’ve been as significant to me as I was to them. I’d hope that everything I stood for remains, and all the hard work I’ve done lives on through Ava. 

They say births and deaths are two of life’s biggest anchors, both make us reflect, in some cases mourn what was and what can never be. Most of all though, you get he chance to look into a two way mirror, you have to face yourself. 
On occasion, life makes you stop dead in your tracks and really look hard at the path you’ve chosen to travel. When you ignore life’s traffic signs sometimes the only way to learn, to force yourself to the right road is to be hopelessly and painfully, lost. We sometimes unknowingly let go of the reigns on our lives, we relinquish control to other things, be it people, material things or career aspirations. These forces sometimes take the reigns for us in the disguise that they’re here to help us, that it’s worth it to be out of control for a little while as we work to the shiny metaphorical prize at the end. 
Unfortunately though, more often than not that shiny prize is merely a mirage and the life the thing the person we fought so hard to keep in our lives doesn’t belong there. It’s detrimental and we’re forced to let go. All the while we chase these things and then we look back and months, even years have gone by and we’ve robbed ourselves of hours and moments that we can never get back. 
It’s easy to fall prey to this. It’s easy to get wrapped up in a pipe dream or a promise but before you turn over control of the reigns in your life, make sure you aren’t selling your soul to the devil for an illusionary life. 


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