The problems with Donald Trump’s America are vast as they are terrifying. This nation has elected a man who has publicized and normalized bullying, hate, fear mongering and a caste system.

The problem with Donald Trump’s America is that he doesn’t know the people he is representing, he knows people like him. He does not know the single mom who works 2 jobs to make 36k a year and relies on affordable healthcare through the state. He doesn’t understand that despite her having a job that food stamps help her keep her children fed so she can buy them clothes and keep the heat on. Donald Trump, and republicans like him answer, “get a better job” but do not tell them how. You see that single mom won’t get any financial aid, childcare assistance or stipends to supplement the money she’ll loose at work for being in class. So school or any trade certification is out of the question for her, she needs to work to survive. So essentially her hands, and her livelihood are tied to that 36k a year job. Similarly the family of four who lost nearly everything in the market crash of 2008 are coping with their new norm, the fancy degree and fringe benefit job the parents held are long gone because only the top tier of wall street and corporate America got saved. The rest of them stood in unemployment lines and got called lazy freeloaders. So now a family of four making ends meet with crucial recovery programs will once again be cast into limbo.

Donald Trump does not know colored America, disabled, LGBTQ or women in America, he knows white America, corporate America. He knows the America where it’s the norm to have segregated schools and carry a Jim Crow era mindset. Donald Trump doesn’t see the America I see, he didn’t sit in a college classroom and watch a professor shed tears with her students over their fear, sorrow and mourning of their American dream. I did. He didn’t watch a train full of commuters ignore a man of color’s question about how to get somewhere. I did. He doesn’t listen helplessly as his best friend recounts the moment a man told her she was the reason he was voting for trump, so she gets sent home. I did. Donald Trump doesn’t work, go to school and socialize with people who will loose their access to healthcare and tuition assistance, I do.

It is easy to condemn and want to take away funding from government assistance when you’ve never relied on it to survive. Before I needed programs like FAFSA, WIC or Medicaid I couldn’t fathom the severity of their importance. I invite every republican, every right-winger, to live relying on one of these programs for one year and then see how crucial they are to everyday Americans. Mr. Trump I don’t know you so I can’t hate you but I can hate everything you stand for, hate. You say you want change yet the only change I will see is a loss of health coverage, loss of my ability to finish school and a loss of my rights to my reproductive system. My friends will see a loss of equality, blatant racism and open discrimination that is suddenly socially acceptable. Instead of taking away resources from those who need it how about you fix the system so those who need these programs can keep them, how about instead of policing my ovaries you keep church and state separate. How about instead of standing on the world stage mocking a man with a disability you humble yourself and remember even you had a period of time where you got help from someone else, your father. We don’t all have a mogul father to bail us out when we misstep but we do have this great country that was built on the backs of immigrants. So when you need that platform to make it to the next tier of your life you know your country wants to see you make it, you Mr. Trump are going to break the rungs on the ladders of millions of Americans, like me, who are trying to make it to the top. You Mr. Trump have opened the door for bigots, racists and cowards to spit on my friends in the street and though you may not know it, these people cite you as their reason. They shout your name at innocent hard working people who came here the right way to chase their dreams, but are assumed to be illegal. You’ve unleashed a band of ignorant followers into the world who do not know the people they mock and belittle but believe it is okay to do so under your watch.

So I ask you Mr. Trump, as you steam roll the lives of millions, crush dreams, take away chances at degrees and access to women’s health, what are you really doing? Are you making changes or undoing them?


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